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  • Galil SAR (R5)

    The SAR will be available soon….   The SAR carbine variant (aka: G’lilon), is configured with a shorter barrel. Due to the shorter barrel a corresponding shorter piston and gas tube as well as a unique gas block are found on the SAR. The SAR variant saw the longest service life in the IDF, being in […]

  • Sporting rifle M70 Standard

    Sporting Rifle with original Mauser locking system. Barrel is made of chrome-vanadium steel, by cold forging – guaranteeing high precision, constant accuracy and durability.

    Stock for sporting rifle M70 is made of selected quality walnut.  Types of stock that a customer can choose are: Pig Back and Monte Carlo.  Recoil pad is made of rubber and grip cap is made of walnut.
    Sporting rifle M70 is a safe gun; trigger mechanism is blocked by a lever-type safety.
    Metal swivels provide secure assembly of the sling.
    When purchasing this type of sporting rifle, the customer can choose one of the following types of trigger mechanism:
    • with single trigger
    • with single trigger DAT (possibility to push the trigger forward and get light trigger pull)
    • with double trigger (possibility to prepare for firing with one trigger and then have light trigger pull on the other trigger)
    The receiver of the sporting rifle has 4 threads with protective screws. Threads are used for connection with optical sight bases, which are mounted optionally.
    Sporting rifle has iron sights: rear – open; front – protected post.
    Standard finish is blue, and wooden parts, made of quality walnut, are oiled and polished.
  • Sporting rifle M85 (Mini MA– USER)

    Sporting rifle M85 is based on the traditional concept of locking system that Zastava uses for bolt-action rifles. Mini MA– USER is the commonly accepted name for sporting rifles that use lower energy ammunition but kept the fundamental principles of operation of the army rifle from 1898. Zastava is a pioneer in forming of this concept; by constantly addressing the aesthetical and ergonomics requests of the customers, Zastava constantly dictates the trends in development and marketing.

    The barrel is made of chrome-vanadium steel, by cold forging. During several decades of use, this rifle kept primacy in steady accuracy and durability of the barrel. The method used for the production of barrels is justified, although it demands robust special equipment with a long manufacturing process.

    The stock is fabricated from high-quality selected walnut. The user can choose between two types of stock:  Pig Back and Monte Carlo. Recoil pads is made of rubber and the grip cap is made from walnut.

    The LK M85 is a safe gun; the trigger mechanism is blocked by a lever-type safety.

    Metal swivels provide secure assembly of the sling.

    Types of trigger mechanisms available for this model are:

    • Single trigger
    • Single trigger DAT
    • Double trigger

    The receiver of the sporting rifle has threads for connection with optical devices bases (which are mounted optionally).

    The rifle has iron sights.

    Standard finish of the metal parts are blue, while the wooden parts are oiled and polished.

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