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  • LYNX LX2 2.5-15X50 (RF)
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    LYNX LX2 2.5-15X50 (RF)

    With a six ratio magnification from 2.5 to 15x and lockable side focus down to 10 metres, LX2 2.5-15x50mm is without doubt the most versatile Lynx hunting scope produced to date. Fitted with SA Hunters reticle this is a formidable hunting tool that elevates a competent hunter to an excellent one; imagine what it could do for you.

    • 30mm one-piece main-tube
    • Magnification range suitable for bushveld hunting down to 10 metres and, at 15x, brings a 300 metre distant target down to an apparent 20m
    • Push-to-lock side focus control
    • 50mm objective lets in 25% more light than a comparable scope with a 40mm lens with just 5mm more height clearance required off the barrel
    • 100mm eye-relief makes the scope suitable for mounting on any calibre rifle including the heavy ones
    • 35 MOA windage / elevation adjustment up, down, left and right (more than one metre in each direction of adjustment at 100 metres)
    • Available with standard tool-less adjustable ? moa windage / elevation controls or ? moa tactical turrets and a choice of reticles.

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    LYNX LX2 8X56 G4i

    Lynx LX2 8×56 iR GP is ideal for moderate range daytime hunting as well as low-light and night-time hunting The centre green dot and bold lines of the German No4 reticle are easy to see in poor light and at night, making it ideal for nocturnal problem animal control High transmission multicoated lenses transmit a maximum amount of available light from the target while the illuminated green centre dot contrasts sharply against dim naturally lit and spotlight-illuminated targets.

    • One-piece maintube for added strength and recoil resistance.
    • Improved waterproofing.
    • Fully Multicoated.  All lens surfaces are mutlicoated to provide sharper and brighter images.  Better contrast, less glare / flare.
    • All-alloy gimbal system improves accuracy,  reliability and repeatability by increasing recoil resistance.
    • High-precision adjustment tracking system ensures higher accuracy of the windage / elevation adjustment travel and return to zero repeatability.
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    Brilliant Optics Extra low dispersion glass and the latest anti-reflective lens coating technology gives brilliant image clarity and brightness. The scope is easy on the eye during prolonged periods of use due to its generous and forgiving eye relief and the long 155 mm main tube makes for easy mounting onto long-action hunting calibers. Illuminated […]

  • Lynx LX3 3-12x56 SA-hunters illuminated
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    Lynx LX3 3-12×56 SA-hunters illuminated

    Brilliant Optics
    Extra low dispersion glass and the latest anti-reflective lens coating technology gives brilliant image clarity and brightness.
    56mm Objective Lens for Optimum Throughput of Light
    Set the scope to 8x and the scope transmits more light to your fully dark-adapted eye than it can use. This extends the maximum distance you can identify targets at night by a factor of eight.
    Fixed Focus
    Parallax is set at 150m.
    Illuminated SA Hunter Reticle
    With aiming points that compensate for distance as well as cross-winds Lynx SA Hunter reticle is practical, easy to use and provides plenty of functionality. It is calibrated in metres for distance and km/h for winds and is designed to work with most popular manufactured ammunition. The bold reticle lines are easy to see in poor light, even if your eyesight isn?t perfect, and you can light up the centre aim point of the crosshair if you need to.

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