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    As the name implies the Versa Pak was created for versatility, offering all of the products a serious hand-loader needs, (without the press and dies), at a substantial savings over the cost of the individual items. This allows the first time or seasoned hand-loader to improve his or her experience with, not just the best equipment but equipment best suited to his or her individual needs. The Versa Pak includes all the items listed in the Pro Pak (less press and dies) plus a Model 3 Master Powder Measure, a 1400 XT Case Trimmer, Imperial Dry Neck Lube in Application Media, a starter size of Imperial Sizing Die Wax and our DVD, ?Advanced Hand-loading, Beyond the Basics?.



    Redding Reloading Equipment has done a good deed for the new re-loader, or the experienced re-loader looking for the ultimate upgrade to his or her bench top. The New Redding Versa Pak Pro offers all of the critical items needed to begin your reloading activity with the exception of the press and dies. For years Redding has offered the Pro Pak, a great starter package with either a Boss or Big Boss press. As the company expanded the line of presses and the T-7 turret Press gained popularity, the customer base has repeatedly asked for a full range of starter packages with each press. Rather than create six new Pro Paks, Redding has chosen to offer the Versa Pak to add to the press of your choice.
    The Versa Pak Pro has all the great items contained in the original Versa Pak but with upgrades to a 3 BR powder Measure and the Model 2400 trimmer.

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